I’m so glad other people feel the same cos I feel like I’m constantly seeing people be mad about Art, when all his character motivation has be seen as wanting to help Beth (before he knew it was Sarah) and then learn the truth about Beth and everything going on. Yes, he can be quite coarse, but especially as the premiere showed, he genuinely wants to get to the bottom of this and skdididjdhsi I just love him



Regular Shows

Female character

  • Oh my god I have feelings for another girl. Am I a lesbian?
  • Oh my god I slept with another girl
  • Drama
  • Anxiety
  • We must hide this
  • What will people say
  • What will my family say
  • How do I deal with this

 Orphan Black


  • I have feelings for another girl
  • Hmm well sexuality is a spectrum..
  • Give me some sugar baby